Is Linux Manjaro 24 Released?

No information

There is no release information about Linux Manjaro 24

Latest stable version is Linux Manjaro 22

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You can check the version of Manjaro Linux you are using by running the command
manjaro-release -v
in the terminal.

About Linux Manjaro

Linux Manjaro is open source and openly distributed, meaning that it is free of cost for individuals to install and utilize in their daily lives. There are multiple supported user interfaces, with the most famous and widely used being GNOME, KDE and Xfce. This is a very new distribution of GNU/Linux software, with the beta phase over only in 2015.

Linux Manjaro joins the trend of distributions that are simple to use for any user who prefers Linux for its advantages over Windows but is not the level of computer savvy that is required to install and properly use other systems like Linux Debian. One very important feature of Linux Manjaro is that they use a rolling release system for updates, meaning that the system does not have to be reinstalled every time, but rather through a simple installer included, which is extremely easy to follow and makes the procedure a way more effective process even for beginners.

Some features of Manjaro fall into the category of convenient things to have. For example, it features the latest releases of Python, R, and LaTex already in the repository by default. This means that the distro has a bit of a focus on data scientists, and making their lives easier through these kinds of details.


This distribution of Linux has been among the top three spots of most used distributions ever since 2018, and for good reason, it sacrifices few qualities and gains a lot of simplicity and stability of use. We are currently in the stable 21.0.3 release, which is a bugfix of version 21.0.2, both released in May of 2021. There are no details for future releases, but the previous life cycle of Manjaro indicates that we might see something new this same year of 2021.